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About us

Habogrim is a not-for-profit organization established back in 2007 under the name
“The Israeli Center for Better Childhood.”
Since then, we’ve evolved, and changed our name,but not our purpose:
Giving Israeli children and youth the equal opportunity for a healthy
meaningful life and self-realization. 

Our activities focus on two main areas: health and education. 
‘For them’ – This program supplies innovative medications that are not subsidized or covered by the public health services, to children battling leukemia.
‘Community’ – This program offers scholarships to students who are studying for their bachelors and masters degrees, and interested in influencing and helping Israeli society. The aid we provide is part of our world view, which includes the values of equal opportunity, personal responsibility, a sense of belonging in the community, social outreach, and expanding circles of influence. 
In keeping with this philosophy, the students who receive scholarships and aid also spend time actively volunteering with children and young adults. This is the spirit that
drives us and is what lies at the heart of everything we do. 
We are Habogrim. And on a more personal level, we are the Nevzlin and Mionis families who established and lead the association. Hello and nice to meet you!
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Sabby Mionis



Irina Nevzlin



Leonid Nevzlin 


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Meital Kahlon

Director of Finance and Programs

“When we, in the Habogrim organization, look out at the future, we envision a healthy, thriving, and prospering Israeli society. This is a society in which individuals can fulfill their potential and aspirations, and wisely give of themselves to their surroundings, the community, and the people in their lives.”
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התוכניות שלנו


Our activity focuses on two main areas:
Health and education.


Realizing your capabilities, potential, and aspirations, and using them to contribute to the betterment of society - these are the founding principles of our Community program. Based on the belief of equal opportunities for everyone, the Habogrim association grants about 60 scholarships each year to young adults who have been accepted to higher education institutions, but whose economic situation makes it difficult for them to finance their studies.

“For Them”

When our association was established in 2007, it was called
'The Israeli Center for Better Childhood' and it set out with

one mission: to provide medication for children battling leukemia.

Since then, and now under the Habogrim association,
we continue this vital initiative that was developed to save lives.

Events & Activities

To date, about 300 graduates have completed the organization's community program.
Meet some of them:

לי אורן.jpeg
For three years I volunteered with at-risk teenage girls to help strengthen their self-confidence, ease their loneliness, and be there for them. 
I’m currently working as a delegate of the Jewish Agency and part of the ‘Friends of Israel’ program that is active on campuses across the US, to strengthen the students’ Jewish identity and their connection to Israel. 
Habogrim sparked my desire to make an impact on the future, as you can see from my current choice of career.  Going abroad as a delegate is not easy but the spirit of the volunteering I did motivates me to continue giving to others, and I’m very happy I was privileged to be part of the program. 
Lee Oren
Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Education and Social Leadership at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
אורלי עלמו.jpeg
I worked with juvenile delinquents and felt privileged to be a stable figure in their lives, someone who listens, providing them with tools to cope with the challenges life set for them and realize their full potential. The Habogrim scholarship gave me support in every possible way so I could devote myself to my studies with peace of mind. It also gave me a broader sense of purpose that helped me step out of my comfort zone. With all the academic and mental stress during this period, these were moments in the week that taught me a lot and helped me put things into proportion.
I’m grateful to the organization for the tremendous support I received and for the equal opportunity they provide to every Habogrim student in the program.  I'm just waiting for the moment when I can give back a little of what I received.

Orly Alamo
Bachelor's degree in Nursing and master’s student at Ben Gurion University
I volunteered with a boy who had a criminal case opened against him and was in the process of closing it. I got so much out of the volunteering. For me, the understanding that everyone can change their fate if they choose to do so, makes our world a better place to live in. The volunteering influenced how I see boys who commit crimes, and helped me understand how to interact with them and when it's possible to adopt a softer more enabling approach. I was privileged to be part of a significant project whose influence will continue for many years. Thank you very much.
Moshe Hadad
Studying for bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Sapir College
משה חדד.jpeg
I felt a sense of purpose in my role as a mentor for at-risk youth. I helped my mentees go through some significant changes that resulted in new motivation and goals. This helped me understand that my dream is to work in education because it’s a field in which I can be the best possible me. Today, I continue to be involved in education and am realizing my dream. I feel a strong connection to the field and am grateful for the experience I gained through volunteering with Habogrim and for how much it broadened my knowledge. I’m sure that I’ll continue to learn and volunteer at every opportunity.
Noa Shoval Okart
Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Government, and Education at Ben Gurion University and master’s student in Management, Organizational Systems, and Education 
נועה אוקרט.jpeg
קארין טורוגמן.JPG
The volunteering was like a breath of fresh air while I was studying for my degree. No matter how busy I was, I knew I had to give back and volunteer; this filled me with energy and helped me see my studies from a more balanced perspective. My dream is to become successful enough that I can offer to treat low-income children/families. Currently, I am planning a trip after my degree, during which I hope to volunteer in third-world countries, teaching children how to brush and care for their teeth. Thank you for the Habogrim scholarship that supported me all these years during my degree; I couldn't have done it alone!
Karin Turgeman
Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry at Tel Aviv University and master’s student in Management of Healthcare Systems.
אוריה אליהו.jpeg
I volunteered in a unique kindness patrol whose main goal is to be a positive model for children and teenagers from the neighborhood, while they help pack and distribute food parcels for needy families. The volunteering experience was empowering and filled me with satisfaction and a great sense of purpose. Being part of something so significant is one of the best feelings possible. I hope to continue volunteering and contributing by cooking food for at-risk youth, essentially combining my love for food and helping people.
Oriya  Mezaki
Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminology at Ariel University in the Shomron
I worked with boys who are recognized by the welfare services and then in my third year I moved to the 'Sikuyim' program where I mentored boys with criminal backgrounds. Each boy had his own unique issues, which made every year different from the previous one. I believe that we can learn new things from every person, so in my volunteering, it was important for me to focus not only on my contribution to the mentees but also on what I could learn from each of them. With this mindset, I feel that I gained a lot from the volunteering, both personally and professionally. The volunteering often taught me to think outside the box. I learned to deal with difficult moments, to understand others more deeply and authentically, to accept others without judgment, and to see the good in everything and everyone. I feel that volunteering was a ray of light during my student years, and I had the privilege of doing something of added value during my time as a student. Habogrim connected me to the importance of working together as a team, knowing how to help, and how to accept help.
Sivan Asras
Bachelor's degree in Social Work at Ben Gurion University
סיוון אסרס.jpeg
I came into the lives of four different boys, each a world unto himself. These were good boys who had strayed off their life’s path. Habogrim taught me a lot about how much patience and attention these boys need, and that they need someone who cares about them without being judgmental. I understood how important the Habogrim scholarship is, along with how much I can help and contribute to others by being a role model and sharing what I know. Throughout the entire journey, Habogrim was there for every question and doubt, providing support and answers. These were three empowering and educational years, and I was privileged to be part of this program. There is no doubt we will stay in touch.
Gili Gilboa
Bachelor’s degree in Management of Human Resources at Bar Ilan University
גילי גלבוע .jpeg
דניאל ברניס.jpg
I volunteered with at-risk boys who shared with me the challenging world they live in. As a child from Yaffo who was once considered an at-risk youth, I believe the boys understood that I don't judge them and can help them start seeing reality from a different perspective. I helped them learn to extract themselves from complex situations that often involved physical and verbal violence as the default response. The mentees gave me a lot of satisfaction during my volunteer work, along with the strength to continue despite the difficulties along the way. Today, I run a school called 'Swim Easily,' where I teach children and adults and continue to benefit from the experience.
Daniel Baranes
Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Social Entrepreneurship at the Seminar HaKibbutzim
צליל מימון.jpg
“I mentored and guided boys and girls struggling with learning difficulties in a distressed neighborhood in Netanya. Volunteering inspired me. For me, a girl who was at-risk herself in the past, the ability to complete a law degree at university, participate in international delegations, be part of leadership projects, and work in a managerial position at a high-tech company, are all not something to be taken for granted. Without the scholarship and volunteering, the journey would have been much harder."
Tzlil Maimon
Studied Law at Tel Aviv University
Works as a Team Manager in a high-tech company
"I had the pleasure to meet Noa, a delightful girl who was initially very apprehensive about the meeting, but gradually felt more confident in our relationship. We managed to connect and discover her strengths, and from there we began to flourish. I feel that our connection is very important to her. Thanks to our time together, Noa has more self-confidence and faith in people. She knows there is someone who thinks about her and that she matters to them. The process helped Noa discover her hidden dreams and be convinced of her ability to achieve them. The meetings reinforced her belief that she can choose and shape her life as she wishes. For me, these were pure moments where I stopped and gave of myself to another person, despite my hectic circle of life."
Yarden Ben Oliel
Graduate BA in Social Work
Community track at Ariel University

בן עוליאל.jpg
"The volunteering gave me a lot of skills that are helping me to deal with challenges, help others, learn to listen, accept, guide, and mentor a wonderful girl who captured my heart and reminded me of myself in so many different ways. In fact, this prompted me to going through my own internal process in parallel to helping her with hers. It awakened in me the desire to change lives and spread as much light and goodness as I can in the world – and to continue making  difference."
Evita Mankovitch
Graduate BSc in Neuro-Psychology, at Bar Ilan University
"I did personal mentoring for girls. As part of my volunteering in the Yedidim association, I mentored a girl for three years. The volunteering awoke in me the desire to continue making a difference.  I understood how important it is to have someone who believes in you, and how much a single word can help and encourage, and how even when a process is not something easy and ongoing, it is still possible. The volunteering influenced my life choices and I now know I want to work with people, to help and support, and always be there for them as much as I can to help and influence."
Naama Iraki Cohen
Graduate BA in Psychology and Criminology
"As part of my volunteer work, I met Levati, a smart and intelligent child of Russian origin who had difficulty speaking Hebrew, which made it hard for him to integrate into society. However, by finding the right approach, we were able to tackle the challenge, build confidence, and become friends. The eagerness of a child who waits for you every week is a feeling that is simply beyond words."
Orel Amsili
Graduate BA in Criminology and Middle Eastern Studies at Ariel University
"I volunteered in the Yedidim-Sikuim program, where I mentored a different boy each year, and the journey was incredible. From this volunteering experience, I understood that I wanted to incorporate the field of at-risk youth into my life, and this led me to extend my studies and certification from my college. I acquired many skills for dealing with different situations, and gained a different perspective on the wonderful teenagers who are looking for an adult that will believe in them, provide them with skills, be their friend, while on the other hand set clear boundaries for them. I was privileged to be part of the process with the boys, where at the end, we reached the goal -- continuing life in a new direction, as opposed to what they were used to. I was exposed to different types of people, which contributed to my further development in the field. It helped me develop, and reinforced my desire to continue contributing in urban initiatives related to closing socio-economic gaps."
Elin Hiyon
Graduate BA in Special Education with specialization in Mathematics at the Hamdat Academic College.
אלין חיון.jpeg
"As role models, our influence on children and teenagers is significant. Every child needs a person who believes in them, and all you need to do is simply be there. I had the privilege of participating, influencing, shaping, and I am sure that I will continue to contribute because this is my way."
Shir Ben Hamo
Graduate BA in Public Policy, Government and Law at the Shaarei Mada U'Mishpat Academic Center
שיר בן חמו לשנות תמונה שקיימת החלפה.jpg
איליה שלומין.jpg
“I volunteered with at-risk youth. I felt a sense of mission and satisfaction because I got to meet boys from very difficult backgrounds; they had never received guidance or direction from an adult who wanted to give them tools to cope with dilemmas in a standard way. Volunteering added perspectives to my life, gave me the opportunity to give back to my community and develop it, and strengthened my desire to continue contributing in urban initiatives related to reducing socio-economic gaps."
Ilya Shlomin
Studied Economics and Management at Ben-Gurion University.
"In my first year of university, I instructed teenagers about the state of poverty in Israel. It was rewarding to see that the students don't take everything for granted. In the three years that followed, I did one-on-one mentoring. The sense that I can help someone and influence them so greatly, both in terms of their mood and their coping skills, is very gratifying. The mentees were waiting to meet me, and that gave me a sense of what a significant role I play in their lives."
Orly Misheiv
Graduate BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Ariel University.
"I did individual mentoring for young girls. As the eldest sister in my family, it was fun to have another opportunity to serve as a big sister role model to a teenage girl. And I always knew that I would incorporate volunteering into my life."
Noa Davidi
Studying Medicine at Ben-Gurion University.
נועה דוידי.jpg
"I volunteered at a school for children on the autism spectrum. I learned that children with special needs, whose daily life is so difficult, are the most smiley, sweet, intelligent, and beautiful children I've met. Volunteering made me more patient and caring towards others, and it certainly inspired in me a desire to continue making a difference."
Mali Ovadia
Studying Law at the Academic Center for Law and Business in Ramat Gan.
מלי עובדיה.jpg
שני שרמן.jpg
"In my first year of university, I gave instruction in schools, in my second year I mentored a girl who touched my heart, and in my third year I was the scholarship coordinator for the 'Yedidim' organization. Thanks to volunteering, I acquired the skills to stand in front of an audience, to take responsibility, and to be there for the mentees, out of a sense that I understood what they were feeling. It opened my eyes. I got to know a population whose socio-economic situation is not easy and saw the change that the children undergo following the mentorships."
Shani Sherman
Studied Communication at Ariel University
נאור נוי.jpg
"During my first two years of studies, I mentored a 15-year-old boy and in the following two years a first-grader. The volunteering made me realize that even a few hours a week can help a child. I understood how important it is for a child to have someone he can talk to and share things with. I want to continue to influence children who need it."
Naor Noy
Studied Accounting and Economics at Ariel University
Works at the Israeli Tax Authority
"I volunteer with teenagers at a school in Kiryat Shmona. I've realized that even helping them with the smallest tasks can make a difference and impact the students' lives: showing them that the sky's the limit and making them believe in themselves, which is the most important thing."
Avia Davidi
Completing studies in Biology at Bar Ilan University
אביה דוידי.jpg
“Thanks to the association, I understood how much I love working with young people. You could definitely say that after being exposed to the association's activities, I decided to make a professional shift and moved to the public sector."
Shir Tal
Studied Law at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Manager of the Youth Department at the Shoham Local Council
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