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Our Vision

When we, in the Alumni Association, look to the future, we envision a healthy, thriving, and prosperous Israeli society. It is a society in which an individual can realize their potential and aspirations, and wisely contribute to the environment, the community, and to the people among whom they live. 
We believe in equal opportunity for all and strive to provide this through two programs. For Them supplies medication to children who are battling leukemia and our Community program provides scholarships to young people entering institutions for higher education.
But that’s not enough. The values that guide our worldview are essential to creating a collective "quality of life" – for the public and individual citizens. Self-realization, personal responsibility, a sense of belonging, social action, and mutual responsibility – these are the tools that serve us all in moving towards that goal.
To bring these beautiful words from vision to reality, and bring about the ideas for which the Habogrim association was founded, the scholarship recipients we choose are young people who aspire to contribute, to benefit, to repair society, and even the world. Even during their studies, they commit to a routine of volunteering with children and youth. The circle of giving, getting, and supporting grows along with the activities, positively impacting even more people, in different populations and in different places.
This is the way to build the healthy, thriving, and prosperous society that every Israeli deserves.
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