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Accessibility statement

The "Habogrim for a Better Future" Association (registered non-profit organization) ("the Association") emphasizes the importance of adapting its services for people with various disabilities. It does so on the basis of – among other things - a worldview that seeks to provide all people with equal opportunity and access to service and information.

Accordingly, the Association has invested resources in making its website and the pages on that site accessible, and it continues to emphasize the importance of providing equal service to all users of the site, including people with disabilities.

Employee Awareness - All Association employees have been informed of the legal requirements regarding this issue. They have been instructed in these matters, with an emphasis on the need to prevent discrimination against disabled users, and to provide equal and accessible service in an inclusive environment. They have also been informed of the Association's accessibility arrangements for clients and potential clients with disabilities.

Accessibility arrangements for the buildings and the environment 
The following are the existing accessibility arrangements at the Association's offices at 4 Berkovitz Street, Tel Aviv.

  • Parking spaces are available for the disabled in the underground parking facilities of the office tower.
  • Parking arrangements within the parking facilities are in accordance with the facilities’ regulations.
  • There is a continuous accessible route, from the parking lot through to the entrance to our office (including elevators).
  • Accessible restrooms are available on the floor on which the Association's office is located.
  • There are signs providing guidance and identifying accessible facilities.
  • Service animals that are used to assist a person with a disability may enter the Association's offices.
  • If there is a need for assistance, you may contact the service representative at the desk in the office building’s lobby. 
  • Additionally, if you require assistance in filling out forms and such, you may approach our office's reception desk.

Site and content accessibility 
This website is accessible in accordance with the accessibility guidelines set out in Israel Standard 5568 - "Guidelines for Internet Content Accessibility," at the AA level.
The above-mentioned standard represents Israel’s adoption of international guidelines of the W3C, an international organization that deals with web standardization: ”Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0”

This website includes the “Enable” accessibility plugin, which helps make the site accessible for people with disabilities.

Menu User Guide:
  1. Button that enables the adjustment of the site, as well as site tags, to be used by assistance devices and technologies designed for users with disabilities
  2. Navigation button that makes it possible to use keyboard keys to move between links on the site
  3. Button that disables flickering on the site and/or moving elements on the screen
  4. Button that enables black and white monochrome mode presentation- for color-blind users
  5. Button that enables presentation in sepia (shades of brown) 
  6. Button that enables presentation in high contrast mode
  7. Button that enables presentation in black and yellow
  8. Button that enables presentation with inverted colors
  9. Button that enables clear highlighting of all the title tags that appear on the site
  10. Button that clearly highlights all the links appearing on the site
  11. Button enabling the display of an alternate description of all images appearing on the site with a mouse pass-over
  12. Button that displays a permanent description of the images on the site
  13. Button that cancels the use of the readable font
  14. Button that increases the size of the fonts on the site
  15. Button that reduces the size of the fonts on the site
  16. Button that allows for the enlargement of the entire site, up to approximately 200% of the normal size
  17. Button that enables a reduction of the entire site, down to approximately 70% of the normal size
  18. Button that magnifies the mouse cursor
  19. Button that enlarges the mouse cursor and changes its color to black
  20. Button that puts the site into reading mode
  21. Button that displays the accessibility statement
  22. Beset button that eliminates the accessibility features
  23. Button that allows the user to send feedback regarding accessibility 
  24. Button that changes the toolbar language and the accessibility statement language, accordingly

There are two types of magnifications provided in the accessibility bar, for your convenience. The following keyboard functions can be used to enlarge the letters even more:
  1. The Esc key will open and close the accessibility bar
  2. The Ctrl +  key combination will increase the size of the text on the site
  3. The Ctrl -  key combination will reduce the size of the text on the site
  4. The Ctrl 0 key combination will return the site’s text to its original size
  5. The spacebar will bring the display of the site downward.
  6. The F11 key will enlarge the screen to full size—pressing it again will reduce it back to its previous size.

The website accessibility components work best in Google Chrome.

We have made efforts to improve the accessibility of the Association’s services and of the website in particular, as part of our commitment to enabling its use by the entire population, including people with disabilities.

We note that despite our efforts to make all pages and content on the site accessible, and because the site is a dynamic site that includes various content entry systems, users may discover parts of the site that have not yet been made fully accessible. If you encounter such a site element, please contact the Association’s representatives so that the necessary correction can be made as soon as possible. In general, we are available to respond to requests for information and/or suggestions for improvement, in order to improve customer service.
The Association attributes great importance to the provision of quality, professional, equal and accessible service to everyone, but please note that the site may also include content from other sites operated and/or held by third parties and such content may not have been made accessible. We note that the Association is not responsible for such content or for its accessibility, but we will be happy to receive your comments and try to help you contact those third parties, so that they can be made aware of the issue (without us being able to guarantee that those third parties will make the necessary adjustments, as required by law).

If you have encountered difficulty with the site while browsing it, or if you have a comment regarding the level and/or nature of its accessibility, please contact the association:
Phone: 03-6099980

Publication of the Accessibility Statement
The accessibility statement was last updated in March 2024 
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